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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

We started breeding these wonderful dogs in 2019. Originally, we had no intention of breeding. However, we fell in love with the breed and soon we added a second and then a third one to our family.

After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in preserving it. Since then, we’ve known so much love, joy and excitement! This breed is truly exceptional in their loyalty and athleticism, and everyday we are so lucky to share our home with our lovely dogs, who are pets first, and show dogs second. 

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Guiding Philosophy

How We Do Things

At Nashira’s Miniature American Shepherds, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each animal. If we do not think your home is the best place for them, we will redirect you to a different Dog Breeder who might be a better fit. To reserve an animal, please get in touch by filling out an application through GoodDog, which is linked in the 'GoodDog' tab above. Note, we will not separate our babies from their mothers until they are old enough, and the puppies do not go to their new homes until they are 10 weeks old.
In addition, our puppies do not go to their new homes named. Our philosophy is that naming is a personal process that is based off the dog's personality. We are happy to assist you in finding a name for your puppy, but we do not name the puppies in the litter ourselves before they go to their new homes. We do give 'nick-names' to all the puppies for ease of keeping their files in order, and to reduce confusion when communicating with our vet and new owners. 
Our puppies are also hand-raised in the house with us, and are handled daily from day one. We also follow the Puppy Culture guide to raise well-rounded puppies, so when they do go to their new homes, they are prepared to face any new challenges that come their way. 
We are always more than happy to discuss our puppy raising methods with potential new owners, and beyond that, training methods we utilize with our own puppies as they grow older.

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